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Without the help of small and large machines, the efficiency of agricultural production will be reduced, and more manpower and financial resources will be spent, which is why these machines appear. Whether harvesting crops or tidying up your barn, these machines will keep you under hours of effort. Support your machine’s mechanical needs with agricultural chains and sprockets from USA Roller Chain. We will use high-quality products to improve your efficiency in the agricultural field.

We have a variety of agricultural chains in stock, including Type A, Type C, Type MR, and Type ANSI. Each product meets your exacting tooling criteria, such as preventing debris buildup and accommodating nearly every temperature change. Agricultural roller chains undergo extensive testing and quality checks before reaching your farm. Try our farming flat chain to keep you running smoothly every day. When you’re in desperate need of trusted agricultural conveyor chain parts, USA Roller Chain & Sprockets is here for you.
We have a full line of agricultural equipment roller chains at a fair price! And if you have customized needs, please email us, we will meet your needs!

A-Type Agricultural Roller Chain

IThis series of agricultural roller chains has an elongated figure-eight side plate for a wide range of applications. This is the second most commonly used agricultural roller chain. Please note that we stock a complete range of accessories for Type A chains.

C-Type Agricultural Roller Chain

This series is usually used as aggregate chain or conveyor chain. It has straight side rails for added strength and better conveyance. This is the most common type of agricultural roller chain. Please note that we stock a complete range of accessories for type CA chains.

MR-Type Agricultural Roller Chain

This range of agricultural roller chains has the same characteristics as Type A chains, but is less common. Please note that we can also offer a complete range of accessories for MR type chains.

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Features of CA550 Roller Chain

Agricultural roller chains are widely used. From harvesting crops to transporting and bundling forage, agricultural chains can help you save time and money. For example, the CA series roller chains used in combine harvesters can help you harvest large quantities of crops in a short period of time. Another common application is balers, which use heavy-duty roller chains to compress crops into compact bales

Before cutting a roller chain, it is important to measure its length. You can use a chain-breaking tool, a hand file, or a chain grinder. If you want a clean cut, mark the break with a small dot, marker, or paint. To cut the chain, use a sharp blade.

How To Cut a CA550 Roller Chain

Most roller chains are made of carbon or alloy steel. However, some are made of brass or nylon. Some industries also use stainless steel. In these cases, you need to choose the correct chain type carefully. The tensile strength of a chain is an important parameter for its service life. However, when evaluating the durability of a roller chain, you should also consider fatigue strength.

Roller chains can be purchased in rolls or in unit lengths, and you must cut them to the correct size before assembly or disassembly. During this process, you must be careful not to cause any harm to yourself or others. Make sure to wear protective clothing and use the appropriate tools. Also, make sure that the device is turned off, and the chain is no longer under tension. There are many different types of chain cutters and you must choose the one that suits your needs.

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Agricultural Roller Chain Application

The agricultural chain finds a powerful application in the complex machinery used in the modern farm sector. Whether you’re planning to harvest crops, the process produces, or organize other things, these machines can find valuable applications by increasing the scale of work and saving time, and our agricultural chain is all about keeping them running efficiently.

Combine Harvester

These are large, complex machines that harvest crops in large batches. “Combined” utilization of chains, such as the CA series roller chains with attachments, to harvest common crops such as corn


Balers are necessary to take those harvested crops and make them easier to transport, store and sell. Without balers, farming could be more labor-intensive, to say the least. These balers are constructed with heavy-duty roller chains to withstand the increased loads.

Hay Bale Conveyor

These transport large bales to higher rooms in the barn for storage. On average, a pack weighs 140 pounds. Moving this weight is accomplished by using a conveyor belt.

Fertilizer Spreader

Manure has been used to enrich the soil for centuries. However, due to the recent expansion of the farm operation, more sophisticated machines are used – manure spreaders. Traditional manure spreaders are large trailers that utilize an efficient chain drive system and paddles to spread manure into the field for increased efficiency.

Grain Conveying System

Grain conveying systems propose different methods of grain transportation. One common approach is a chain-driven conveyor system, where a selection of a grain conveyor system that minimizes spoilage and maintains the desired level of quality is critical, with chain selection being the most important.

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