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Glass Beveling Edge Grinding Equipment in Horizontal Type


The horizontal beveling device is a new variety of glass deep processing tools. It modifications the classic glass chain conveying approach, and adopts the strategy of synchronous belt conveying, which greatly increases the precision of edging. This equipment has compact construction, reasonable structure and harmonious appearance. It is mostly composed of 5 main techniques, which are manage program, grinding method, clamping and conveying method, cooling technique and obtaining technique.

  1. Handle technique: The meter is used to exhibit the existing and voltage, and the procedure of the device is obvious at a glance.
  2. Grinding method: Higher-velocity 3-phase AC motor is selected, and the layout services life is up to 20 many years.
  3. Clamping transmission method: Pick single worm gear pace change, AC frequency conversion pace management, for the duration of the operating procedure, the glass operating velocity can be efficiently transitioned amongst -four meters to fulfill different procedure specifications. The timing belt is created of imported Italian components, and the floor is adhered with PU and crimson glue, which decreases the harm price of the glass in the course of the clamping and transmission approach, and makes certain adequate clamping power amongst the glass and the timing belt in the course of operation, and the glass and the timing belt do not arise. Relative sliding to ensure the precision of the grinding line.
  4. Cooling program: It adopts circulating h2o, double pump and double tank cooling, and sprucing powder is included into 1 of the water tanks, which not only assures the circulating cooling but also improves the sharpening brightness.
  5. Supporting system: The synchronous belt with the conveying system is employed to avoid floor scratches throughout the procedure of the glass. The handle component and the doing work component organically cooperate to exhibit the humanized layout.

The total equipment is straightforward and obvious to use, and its grinding accuracy is stable and steady. It is an perfect tools for glass deep processing. It is commonly utilised in house advancement glass, architectural glass, frameless glass and granite, stone plate, ceramic which thickness is inside of 20mm.


  1. one-year assure
  2. twenty-year services lifestyle of the motor
  3. 3000-meter services lifestyle of the grinding wheels
  4. Workable for glass sheet and ceramic tile
  5. Rail is forged iron and the machine body steel plate is built-in, CZPT welding

General Review


Horizontal Beveling Device
CZPT Parameters TYJT-G7 TYJT-G8
Dimensions 3400*one thousand*1730mm 3400*one thousand*1730mm
Web Fat 1600kg 1600kg
Glass Processing Thickness three-8mm three-8mm
Angle five-35-diploma 5-35-diploma
Max Bevel Surface area Width 25mm 25mm
Mini Glass Size 40*40mm 40*40mm
Max Glass Dimension 1600*1600 1600*1600
Max Glass Dimensions with Extension Tables 2440*3000 2440*3000
Speed -4m/min -4m/min
Voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3 Phrase
220V, 60HZ, three Phrase
380V, 50HZ, three Phrase
220V, 60HZ, three Phrase
Energy 13kw 13kw
Amount of the Motor CZPT 7 8

Format of the wheels


Place one Position 2 Position 3 Situation 4 Situation 5 Situation 6 Place 7
Diamond Wheel Diamond Wheel Resin Wheel Resin Wheel Resin Wheel Buffing Wheel Buffing Wheel

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2020 Hot Sale Popular Glass Deep Process - Edge Beveling Grinding Machine Horizontal Type