China Most Advanced Paper Cone Machine for Textile

China most innovative paper cone machine for textile

Solution specifics

TRZ-2017 automated conical paper tube creation line need to have no manual procedure from uncooked paper to paper tube solution. The complete manufacturing method is managed by PLC programming, main motor transmission uses cam timing mechanism. All bearings of the machine adopt Japanese NSK bearings. Every single placement normally takes double velocity variable frequency management engineering. Also the none mechanical abrasion photoelectric handle, approaching manage and pneumatic delay manage, which realize the mechanical and electrical integration. Appropriate for the creation of conical tube with different specification.
Rolling—internal and external printing—edge grinding—reducing—Reeling—Drying—Ending—chopping V-shaped opening—opening processing—urgent—grinding—galling—ending
Main Parameter:
Power:forty nine.2KW  
Speed: fifty/min
Measurement: 14000mm*6000mm*3800mm
Operator: 1

1. reeling portion

TRZ-2017 automatic conical paper tube reel is ideal for conical tubes of a variety of specification. After hanging the paper roll, inner and exterior printing, edge grinding, cutting, reeling, head cutting, the semi-finished paper tube will be sent to the dryer. It normally takes double speed variable frequency management technological innovation. The reeling speed will be altered routinely. The total process is eased by connecting with the dryer. 
Main parameter:
For conical tubes with a variety of taper and calibre.
Velocity: 25-fifty/min
Electricity: 13.27kw
Dimension: 6080mm*2240mm*1500mm

2. soon after ending portion

TRZ-2017 after finishing portion is designed to change the semi-concluded solution into conical paper tube following V cutting, grinding, pressing, reversing and galling.
The speed can be modified freely with over-load protector and automated stopping gear when the incorrect operation happens to promise the safety and security and reduce the squander price. The right after finishing device can also be utilised individually.
Primary parameter:
For conical tubes with numerous taper
Speed: 35-50/min
Air stress: .3-.4mpa
Dimension: 2600*1600*1580mm

three. drying portion

The TRZ-2017 vehicle-temperature handle dryer makes use of chain-kind circulation drying. After placing up the temperature, the heat can be controlled, taken care of and modified freely, showcased Lower intake and large outcome. Paper tube can be feed and gathered automatically following connecting with other tools. 
Principal Parameter: 
Speed: twenty five-fifty/min
Measurement: 5620mm*1700mm*3800mm

About us

  ZheJiang Tongri Power Science and Technological innovation Co.,Ltd is a professional maker for digit-manage machine instrument and paper-merchandise gear. In 1990, we began to manufacture textile bobbin and spiral paper tube with Hao Li Manufacturing unit from ZheJiang in the form of joint enterprise. In 1992 we designed semi-automated conical and spiral paper tube production line which is offered during the complete place with our advanced technological innovation, processing strategy, exceptional solution good quality and substantial-degree services.
  In 2006, we designed QZD-sixty eight computerized conical paper tube production line soon after the absorption of German and South Korean technological innovation. The new equipment is coming with mechatronics to obtain lower-labor, low-intake, higher-performance, substantial-good quality paper tube manufacturing.
  In 2017, we designed all new computerized conical paper tube production line-TRZ-2017 after leaning from advanced experience and enhancing our present model. The performance has been improved to a whole new degree. 
  We have virtually thirty many years machinery manufacturing and processing experience.
  We have virtually 20 a long time paper tube and bobbin production expertise.
  We’ll give you exceptional deal of paper tube generation line and extensive encounter.

Merchandise edge
  ZheJiang Tongri Power Science and Technology Co.,Ltd concentrate on high degree gear manufacturingsupported by digit control and industrial automation technologies. We stimulate our engineering employees to be inventive at all moments.
  High high quality, exceptional equipment consists of completely hydrostatic, digit-milling equipment TK6918*a hundred and twenty and gantry,digit-handle unexciting-milling machine XK2750*220, which can assure our higher high quality production.
  Science and technology is the 1st productiveness. The style group is the main of modern day company. We have 7 senior technician and the team have practically twenty nationwide mental property patents (involves 4 invention patents)and it is still developing.
  Our managing team has much more than twenty many years encounter, which assure us the steady improvement. 
  We concentrate on higher-end goods, greatest normal of this industry. To be the greatest is our objective permanently.

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China Most Advanced Paper Cone Machine for Textile