Closed Door Baling Machine for Plastic film Recycling

                                                            Closed door baler for HM3-four

No make a difference you want to bale comfortable solid waste ( Like paper, cardboard, textile) or tough sound waste( Like sheet iron, plastic bottle, plastic), our HM sequence can meet up with all your baling specifications.


Strength Conserving Electrical power
HM Seriesequipped with 1 lower-electricity motor, which give satisfactory electricity to the continuousrunning of the machine, whilst this is the best electricity in phrases of performance andenergy preserving.
Heavy Duty WeldedCZPT
The entire frame is heavy responsibility weldedwithQ235 metal plate, which is very sturdy and sturdy, we can guarantee10 a long time existence of the major frame.
Resilient CZPT
The frame of the conveyor is hefty obligation weldedwith HT300 steel, the chain is made by 6mmsteel plate, even though the include of the conveyor is new type PU slab rubber, all ofthese made our conveyor sturdy and quite robust to resist stress.
ErgonomicWire Tie Resource
HM Series want to be tied manually, weprovide the ergonomic wire tie device for our consumers, which significantly enhance efficiencyduring the bale tie procedure.
Security Very first
HelloBaler usually set basic safety to thefirst location not only in creation but procedure.
Our balers equipped withemergency cease swap, circuit protector and safety doorway tomake confident security when working. What is actually much more, warning boards are posted on mainparts of the machine to warn operator.

Technical specs:

 Mode/Knowledge    HM-1  HM-two  HM-3  HM-4
 Bale measurement  mm  1000*800*600  1500*1100*seven-hundred  1500*1100*800  1500*1100*850
 Cylinder    160 180  200  220 
 Pressing Force KN  300  500  600  700 
 Density kg/m3  400  400  450  450-500 
 Bale fat kg/bale  200  500  600  750 
 Capacity t/h  .eight-1  1.5-2  two-two.5  3-4 
 Feed opening mm  800*800  1000*1100  a thousand*1100  1200*1100 
 Power KW  15  eighteen.5  22  30+five.5 
 Machine fat 12 
 Lines    3

We could design and style the balers according to customers’s any prerequisite.

Guarantee Terms:

Items Warranty Products Warranty Items Guarantee
Main frame 10 years Motor 3 years Valve 1year
CZPT cylinder 6years Pump  1 year Baler machine 1 year

CZPT areas: 
a. if it is the top quality issue inside of 1 year, we resend to you for cost-free
b. Un-standard broken parts inside of warranty interval, you require cost the parts price and transport price
c. Normal destroyed spare areas, you want charge it the cost


Closed Door Baling Machine for Plastic film Recycling