Full Automatic Pet Bottle Preform Making Machine

Full Automatic PET Bottle Extend Blowing Moulding Device

1). The main-frame of the machine is an incline. And the incline can support the cups easily drop into the plastic holes, the charge of which goes up to ninety nine.ninety nine %. It can reduce paper squandering, it is distinct from other factories.
2). The device can deliver the bottom paper to the cup immediately and adjust itself since of a spring, it is also diverse from other manufacturing unit.
3). Inside of the equipment, we use a few ranges chains rather of standard two ranges chains, it is far more fastness, make long services. Some factory only have two selection chains.
4). About preheating and principal heating, we use aluminium as an alternative of traditional iron pipe. After machine stop unormally, the cup in aspect, can not burning it can be much safer.
five). The surface of plate we use stainless steel as an alternative of iron, it can be a considerably cleaning, sanitation.
6). Most of our wiring device we use adopts from abroad model. (Japanese omron)
seven). If your paper is double PE coated, the machine should be with ultrasonic.

Full Automated PET Bottle Extend Blowing Moulding Device

A Injection Unit
A07) Oil temperature indicator
A08) Adjustable this sort of back again prior to and right after refilling
A09) Vehicle sprue break
A10) CZPT transducer to handle programmable injection place
A11) Chilly start off screw avoidance
A12) Sliding Mechanism for hopper
A13) Gasoline Nitrated hardened screw and Barrel
A14) Screw back again force con troll with pressure aid valve
A15) Hand Operated Lubrication Unit

B. Clamping Unit
B01) Five Position twin toggle locking program
B02) Situation Hardened toggle, Brackets and back links with hardened
B03) Motorized mould peak adjustment for fast mould adjust
B04) Automobile tonnage placing facility
B05) Lower stress exact mould safety with force and time
B06) Five stage Mould closing
B07) 5 stage Mould opening
B08) CZPT cushioning for steady mould opening place
B09) CZPT transducer to management programmable clamp system
B10) CZPTal and hydraulic (Dump worth) interlock protection gate
B11) Transferring platen with mechanical assistance with Teflon
B12) CZPT Ejector with Multi stroke
B13) Automobile lubrication device

C. Ejector
C01) CZPT transducer to control programmable ejector placement
C02) Several stroke ejection
C03) Ejector CZPT/ backward speed adjustable
C04) Ejector CZPT/ backward force adjustable
C05) Two phase in ejector CZPT/ backward operation
C06) Additional basic safety of sensing ejector backward position with
Proximity switch

D01) Compact and Simple style
D02) Sealing ring imported from Japan, a total 4 leak-evidence defense to
Avert the oil leakage.
D03) Proportional benefit for strain and pace
D04) Variable displacement pump method attached with pulse absorber
D05) Substantial magnetic shut-loop oil filter to efficiently remove particles of the
Oil, the filtration is up to 10um.
D06) Effortless accessibility to hydraulic factors for ease upkeep

E. Controller
E01) Exhibit sort Liquid crystal display QVGA B/W of 5.7 “with a hundred membrane keys
E02) Multi-CPU handle, with 32 bit
E03) Precise temperature handle, the precision is of ± one degree
E04) Four forms of change at the stop of injection, they are time,
Location, pressure, and pace.
E05) Breaker and air change are imported from Japan, the model of
Micro switch is Omron
E06) Instruction cycle time of controller in .four microseconds

Total Automated PET Bottle Stretch Blowing Moulding Equipment

Product Device Knowledge
Max. clamping power KN 700
Max. opening force mm 290
(V×H)CZPT amongst tie bars mm 320×320
Mould top
mm 100-300
Max. daylight mm 590
Ejector pressure KN twenty five
Ejector stroke mm 60
Ejector quantity   1
Screw diameter mm 32
Screw L/D ratio L/D twenty
Theoretical shot volume cm three 112.five
CZPTising fat(PS) g one hundred and one
Injection stress l  Kg/cm 232
Theoretical injection charge(PS) g 62
Screw torque N.m 390
Max. screw rotate speed r/min 220
Injection stroke mm 140
Pump motor electrical power KW nine
Pump force KG/cm 16
Heating electrical power KW six.2
Heating zone   4
Size m three.55×1.2×1.6
Web fat t two.seven
CZPT designation   700-230

Full Automatic Pet Bottle Preform Making Machine