Garden Fence Panel Equipment Rollformers

backyard fence panel products rollformers

CZPT data for garden fence panel products rollformers
Merchandise made by this equipment is effortless to put in, utilised jointly with distinct shades can make it look dye-in-the-wood personal character. Width of seventy five, a hundred, 150, two hundred, and 300 C-formed keel can be assembled arbitrarily, and they are connected tightly. They can be mounted on the device which is specially utilized for keels, they can tear down separately.Material for this equipment is galvanized steel plate, snowflake plate and colored metal plate

Thickness of the plate  0.three-.8mm
Productivity 8-12m/min
Diameter of the roller 75mm
motor electricity 4kw
pump station power 4kw
Control technique PLC

Drawing measurement of the fence panel

Sample panel of the garden fence

1.Handbook Decoiler of the backyard fence panel equipment rollformers
one):coil inner diameter:  450-550mm
2):coil max width: 1250mm
three):max carrying ability: 5000kg
Use:It is utilized to support the steel coil and uncoil it in a turnable way.
Passive uncoil pulled by roll forming system

2.Coil feeding element of the backyard fence panel tools rollformers
Utilization:Place the raw content(metal plate) via the beach front to manufacture and procedure,
it can promise that the items are neat, parallel and every little thing is uniformity.
Remember to refer to the tools regulation to know the perform of locate angle iron.

3.Major roll forming device element of the backyard garden fence panel equipment rollformers
1).roller materials: forty five# steel with very hot treatment at 52-sixty eight levels, sizzling chormed on the surface area to make certain its hardness.
  shaft content: strong shaft(not hollow fashion), all around 70kg/pc, to make sure the power of it.and last profile shape are perfect in this way.
  shaft diameter: usually is 72mm.
2).electrical power: generally 7kw in total
three).transmission design: gear and chain
four).controlling model: PLC managing technique, totally automatic.
5).Forming velocity: -17m/min
Use: In order to maintain the solution shape and precision, adopts welded sheet construction, motor 
reducer drive, chain transmission,roller was chromed which can maintain the molding plate surface 
clean and not straightforward to be marked when it is working

4.Automatic cuttting technique of the garden fence panel tools rollformers
one).Substance: blade, puncher and mildew substance: Cr12 steel with quenched taken care of 60-62
two).Chopping technique: superior hydraulic push, automatic slicing after forming, no distorting or 
wasting, large degree security factor.
It adopts the hydraulic push and automatic encoder to minimize the exact size you set on the laptop.The tolerance is within 10m±1mm
Content of blades: Cr12 quenched
Electricity provide : hydraulic power
Elements:It is made up of 1 established of blade, one particular hydraulic tank and one cutter equipment

five.Laptop controlling portion of the garden fence panel tools rollformers
one).PLC brand: Usually, it is Delta. Mistubishi, Panasonic, Siemens are optional.
two).working design: entirely automated and manaul
three).functioning language: usually are English, Chinese,Russia. Can be established as for every your needs.

More equipment photograph of the garden fence panel equipment rollformers

Garden Fence Panel Equipment Rollformers