High Capacity Bucket Elevator for Grain, Cement, Coal, Slag & Sludge

      Bucket elevators (also known as bucket conveyors) are constant conveyors employed to vertically express all kinds of bulk resources.
     A bucket elevator has a best station (with a travel shaft, motor, and gear drive) and a base return-conclude station. The steel elevator shafts in which the buckets are moved up and down amongst the redirecting stations are referred to as “shafts”, “trunking” or “bucket CZPT legs”.
     In a bucket elevator,Rectangle buckets produced of steel or plastic are attached to a pulling component that moves in a continuous loop, i.e., a roller chain (in chain-pushed bucket elevators) or a belt (in belt-driven bucket elevators).
These buckets continually are loaded with content by indicates of hoppers or chutes. The substance is then conveyed upwards and is tipped into a discharge chute driving the prime redirecting station.
       Depending on their overall width, their bucket capacity, and the top that must be traversed, bucket elevators can demand a large amount of electricity. A bucket elevator’s height is up to 120 meters.

      The bucket elevator is created and made in accordance with the nationwide standards. It is unloaded by gravity. The plate sleeve roller chain is employed as the traction portion. It is suitable for conveying components with a stacking distinct gravity of considerably less than 2ton /M³, And block dimensions of fifty five, eighty and one hundred ten mm,The materials temperature is no much more than 250 ºC, this sort of as lump coal, gravel, ore, pebble and and so forth

The conveying capacity of the device is sixteen-480M³/h, and the lifting peak is up to 120 meters.


Design TB250 TB315 TB400 TB500 TB630 Tb800 TB1000
bucket design J T
ability M³/H fifteen-25 32-46 fifty-75 84-a hundred and twenty 135-one hundred ninety 216-310 340-480
bucket width mm 250 315 400 five hundred 630 800 1000
capability L three 6 12 twenty five fifty 100 120
pitch mm two hundred 250 320 four hundred 500 630
chain pitch one hundred a hundred twenty five one hundred sixty 200 250 315
amount   one 2
One breaking load (minimal) KN 112/160 a hundred and sixty/224 224/315 315/450 450/630 630/900
sprock tooth    
diameter mm 386.37 482.96 618.19 772.seventy four 965.92 1217.06
bucket velocity m/s .five
Spindle pace R.P.M 24.71 19.seventy eight fifteen.forty five 13.26 nine.89 7.eighty five

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High Capacity Bucket Elevator for Grain, Cement, Coal, Slag & Sludge