Motor Shaft Coupling  for Heavy Equipment

Coupling, created by machining, heat therapy, quenching + tempering and superficial treatment, brunofix.
Types: Roller chain couplings, HRC adaptable coupling, L-coupling, EL-coupling

Chain coupling composed of 2 Sprockets, CZPT Strand Roller Chain, 2 circumstances.

Roller Chain couplings are able of transmitting comparatively higher torques in a least of area.

Roller Chain Couplings are utilized to hook up two shafts, a reducer, or a motor immediately to a device for effective electricity transmissions. CZPT is straightforward, it consist of a combination of only three simple elements One particular coupling roller chain and two coupling sprockets.

Dimensions:3012,4012,4014,4016, 5014,5016,5018,6018,6571,6571
8018,8571,8571, 1571,12018,12571
16018,16571 20018,20571,24571,24026

Motor Shaft Coupling  for Heavy Equipment