Nylon Trolley of Slaughter House for Overhead Conveyor

POM Trolley Elements for Poultry Slaughter residence Generation line is put on-resistant with smooth area, solidity and toughness.
Tee stainless steel keep track of, galvanized/stainless steel driven chain, Nylon trolley with wheels, stainless steel fastener and shackle, stainless metal pulling chain

The Overhead Chain CZPT is utilized for the transmission of the poultry birds from one phase to the up coming or from a single workshop to the subsequent workshop. It is the most essential component of the poultry slaughter residence.

This conveyor includes the driving and rigidity system, it is straightforward to sustain and thoroughly clean and runs with minimal noise. The observe of Overhead Chain CZPT has two designs, one is “T” observe and the other is tubular monitor.

We could design and style the conveyor in accordance to the client’s request.

Our overhead conveyor spare elements are often at your demands.  Our poultry processing parts are bought wordwide.   We attempt to be your very first selection for components. Our areas are engineered and manufactured to stand up to the harsh environment of todays’ processing vegetation.Please Do not hesitate to speak to us for more information  about shipping software.
Poultry slaughtering and processing products spare elements, Trolley overhead conveyor, Plucker Choosing rubber finger, Shackle, Defeather parts, Drive belt and PVC conveyor belt
You will locate all spare components for poultry slaughtering line we could offer:
1. Trolley wheels and Overhead Trolley
two. Chain which is matched with this nylon trolley
three. Rubber fingers and finger disc
4. Hanger and  Shackle Hooks
five. Defeather accesseries
6. CZPT belt and Pulleys
7. T bar T keep track of
And all other spare elements.
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Trolley POM
CHAIN Link chain

Nylon Trolley of Slaughter House for Overhead Conveyor