Passenger Home Panoramic Lift Compensation Chain with Ard

Passenger elevator(Equipment area)
Aside from the efficient and intellectual control system,the little machine room elevator also applies tiny traction equipment and thin management cupboard design,which make the device space scaled-down and the format far more compact. The new technology modest equipment area elevator truly satisfy the company’s vitality-preserving idea.

It drastically saves the place
Device place is only an extension of the properly.It is hassle-free in construction and lower in expense.The software of compact gearless traction machine leaves a larger area for device place

Passenger elevator(Device roomless)

The company machine roomless passenger elevator, with an environment concern, saves energy and reduces the consumption, save the construction area and increases the freeness of designers, thereby fully reflect the idea of environ ment friendly culture. Compared with the gearwheel elevators with the same load capacity, machine roomless elevators save 25% electricity and 10% of construc tion are. The company has broken through the prerequiste that machine rooms must be CZPT for elevator, providing limitless possibilities of creation for the limited space of modern construction

1. Raw Substance

We stictly verify and contol the good quality of uncooked supplies.
QC department will check all the materials,when raw material comes to factory,  we refused any cuounterfeit       products. Only qualified material will get into raw material warehouse.

two. Generating management   
Production department will make the production in accordance to enginner’s instrution.
There is a agenda in each workshop showing the production plan everyday.By this way, The workers are
all clearly know which project is producing now.Then check the machines status before operation.

3. Packing   

We utilize sound plywood which can stand long time sea shipping. For some important parts ,like control cabinet, 
door operator and motor, parts will be covered by a strong film first, with desiccant, before put into boxes.

4. High quality Handle

one) All raw materials will be checked before get into warehouse. And bulk electronic product do sampling inspection. All parts must have qualified certificate from suppliers. QC1 is responsible for this.
two) During production stage, QC2 will check commissioning for each elevator, escalator and moving walks.
three) After elevator and escalator finished, QC3 will test the match of elevator motor and control cabinet, and the running condition of escalator and moving walks.
four) After packed, QC4 will check package condition for each parts, and takes photo for further reference.
5) When delivery, QC5 will check if all parts packed in container to avoid any missing, and take photos for further reference.

5. After Product sales Services
1) Entrust servicing to nearby agent.
two) Organized by customer.
three) If necessary, we supply education for customer.

Main function

 CZPT function
1 Inspection operation   29 Over speed protection
two Slow speed running   thirty Contact protection for brake switches
3 Automatic door opening time adjustment   31 Interphone communication
4 Full load bypass   32 Wheeling protection
five Automatic turn off lighting and fun   33 Alarm bell
six Automatic return to home landing   34 Emergency lighting
seven CZPT re-closing   35 Level switch protection
eight Error recording   36 False call canceling
9 CZPT way self learning   37 Automatic reversal call canceling
ten Automatic door opening     38 Floor display directional setup
11 Attendant service   39 Isolate running
twelve Bypass operation   40 Dot matrix floor indicator
13 Automatic correction of floor position signal   41 Rolling display of running direction
14 Lift locking   forty two CAN communication protection
fifteen Protection of door lock up outside dooor area   forty three Arrival gong
sixteen Infrared light curtain protection   forty four Emergency return in case of fire
seventeen Over load protection   45 Main control protection
18 Reversal runing protection    46 Main control CPU WDT protection
19 Anti-skip protection   47 Discretional setup of service floor
20 Anti terminal switches protection   forty eight Test running
21 Anti-terminal over running protection   forty nine Clock control
22 Phrase protection   fifty Direct landing
23 Contactor protection   51 Load weighting device
24 Failure analysis of shaft self learn   fifty two Full collective control
twenty five Motor temperature protection   fifty three CZPT opening button (exterior)
26 CZPT opening failure protection   54 CZPT opening button (internal)
27 Protection for door lock short circuit   55 Fire running function
28 CZPT lock failure for brake switches      
  Optional function
1 Open the door in advance   ten Remote control
2 Direct parking   eleven Camera function in the car
three Group control   12 Voice announcer 
4 Duplex control   13 Car assistant operation box
5 On-duty peak service   fourteen Operation box for the handicapped
six Off-duty peak service   fifteen CZPT calling service
seven CZPT open time extending   sixteen IC card control function
eight Car arrival gong   seventeen Leveling when power failure
9 Remote monitor       


Small machine room passenger lift requirements
No. of persons  Rated potential
Rated speed (m/s) Car net size CZPT web size(DW*DH)mm Shaft inside dimension Machine room size Max traveling peak(m)
W*D(mm) 2P center opening  W*D(mm) Pit depth  OH W*D*H(mm)
six 450 1.0  1200*a thousand 700*2100 1750*1620 1500 4400 1750*1620*2500 forty five
eight 630 1.0  1400*1100 800*2100 2000*1720 1500 4400 2000*1720*2500 45
one.6/one.75 1600 4500 ninety six
ten 800 one.0  1400*1350 800*2100 2000*2000 1500 4400 2000*2000*2500 forty five
1.6/1.seventy five 1600 4500 96
two.0  1800 4900 a hundred and twenty
2.5  2000 5100 one hundred fifty
thirteen one thousand 1.0  1600*1500 900*2100 2200*2150 1500 4400 2200*2150*2500 45
1.6/1.seventy five 1600 4500 ninety six
two.0  1800 4900 120
2.5  2000 5100 150
three.0  2600 5600 150
three.5 3100 5950 one hundred eighty
4.0  3850 6350 one hundred eighty
fifteen 1150 1.0  1700*1500 1000*2100 2300*2200 1500 4400 2300*2120*2500 forty five
1.six/1.seventy five 1700 4500 ninety six
two.0  1800 4900 one hundred twenty
2.5  2000 5100 a hundred and fifty
3.0  2600 5600 a hundred and fifty
three.5 3100 5950 one hundred eighty
4.0  3850 6350 180
sixteen 1250 one.0  1950*1400 1100*2100 2550*2100 1500 4400 2600*2100*2500 forty five
1.six/1.seventy five 1700 4500 96
two.0  1800 4900 120
two.5  2000 5100 one hundred fifty
three.0  2600 5600 one hundred fifty
3.5 3100 5950 one hundred eighty
four.0  3850 6350 a hundred and eighty
18 1350 1.0  1950*1500 1100*2100 2550*2250 1500 4400 2600*2200*2500 45
1.6/one.75 1700 4500 ninety six
two.0  1800 4900 120
two.5  2000 5100 150
three.0  2600 5600 150
three.5 3100 5950 one hundred eighty
four.0  3850 6350 180
21 1600 1.0  1950*1750 1100*2100 2550*2500 1500 4400 2600*2500*2500 45
one.6/1.75 1700 4500 ninety six
2.0  1800 4900 one hundred twenty
two.5  2000 5100 one hundred fifty
three.0  2600 5600 150
three.5 3100 5950 one hundred eighty
4.0  3850 6350 180

Be aware: the parameter table shows the regular design and style of our little equipment place passenger elevator. We also can design and style elevator for you with your parameter.

Welcome experienced elevator organization act as our distributors/agent to cooperate with us on long expression basis. We would like to offer our distributor/agent promotion price as reward for the cooperation. if you are fascinated, please do not be reluctant to speak to with us. Many thanks!

Passenger Home Panoramic Lift Compensation Chain with Ard