Agricutural Roller Chain CA550 Roller Chain

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Agricultural roller chains are made of hardened steel parts with tight tolerances. They offer high quality, increased strength, and longer life (dimensions in inches) within their service range.
For applications ranging from combines to forage harvesters, Allied-Locke agricultural roller chains are designed and manufactured for long life and reduced wear.

Pitch (P) 1.630
Roller Width (W) 0.797
Roller Diameter (D) 0.656
Overall Width – Riveted (C1) 1.420 in
Overall Width – Cottered (C2) 1.563 in
Link Plate Height (H) 0.750
Link Plate Thickness (T) 0.105
Pin Diameter (E) 0.281
Avg. Ultimate Strength


What is the pitch on a roller chain?

The pitch of a roller chain is the distance between adjacent roller pins or rivets. Chains can have different pitch ranges depending on their size and application. A pitch of 0.250 inches indicates a light chain, while a pitch of 3.0000 inches indicates a heavy chain. The ANSI standard measures the chain pitch from the center of one roll pin to the center of the next link.
Another key metric for roller chains is tensile strength, which represents the maximum load the chain can withstand before breaking. While tensile strength is the most important characteristic of a roller chain, fatigue strength is equally important. The fatigue strength of a chain shows how durable it is. Fatigue strength indicates the load capacity of a roller chain over an extended period of time.

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