CA550AK25F6L Agricultural Roller Chain

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CA550AK25F6L Agricultural Roller Chain

CA550-AK25F is installed on every 6th link. CA550 is a popular conveyor chain used in agriculture. We offer this product as a premium quality chain for various applications.

CA550AK25F6L Agricultural Roller Chain Specification:

Chain Dimensions

Specification Ref Dimension
Chain Size CA550
Pitch P 1.630″
Roller Width W 0.797″
Roller Diameter D 0.656″
Overall Width Riveted C 1.420″
Overall Width Cottered C 1.563″
Link Plate Height H 0.750″
Link Plate Thickness T 0.105″
Pin Diameter E 0.281″


Attachment Dimensions

Specification Ref Dimension
Chain Size CA550
Attachment Hole Centers J 2.000″
Attachment Width K 2.808″
Hole Width N1 0.462″
Hole Diameter N2 0.328″
Attachment Shoulder M 0.875″
Link Plate Height L 0.500″
Link Plate Thickness T 0.105″

Types Of Agricultural Roller Chain:

  • Type A roller chain
  • Type C roller chain
  • Type CA roller chain
  • Cast H-Type mill chain

Agricultural Roller Chain Application:

Agricultural chains are utilized to improve the scale and effectiveness of farm operations. They are made to work in harsh conditions and have long-lasting track records. They are also equipped with an array of attachments that enhance their durability and capacity.

  • Combine Harvesters

These are large, complex machines that can harvest large quantities of crops. “Combine harvesters” use chains, such as the CA series roller chains with attachments, to harvest common crops such as corn.

  • Balers

Balers are used for baling and harvesting forage. Crops such as cotton, hay, flax and straw are compressed into compact bales for transport and storage. These balers use heavy-duty roller chains to carry the increased load.

  • Hay Bale Conveyors

These are used to transport bales to higher rooms in the barn for storage. On average, a bale can weigh up to 140 pounds. Moving this weight is accomplished by using a conveyor belt.

  • Manure spreaders

For centuries, manure has been used to improve soil. However, the recent increase in the size of farm operations has led to the use of a more sophisticated machine, the manure spreader. Traditional manure spreaders are large trailers that use an efficient chain-driven system with paddles to spread the manure onto the field.

  • Grain conveyor systems

Grain conveyor systems offer different methods of transporting grain. One common method is a chain-driven conveyor system.


What is the pitch on a roller chain?

The pitch of a roller chain is the distance between adjacent roller pins or rivets. Chains can have different pitch ranges depending on their size and application. A pitch of 0.250 inches indicates a light chain, while a pitch of 3.0000 inches indicates a heavy chain. The ANSI standard measures the chain pitch from the center of one roll pin to the center of the next link.
Another key metric for roller chains is tensile strength, which represents the maximum load the chain can withstand before breaking. While tensile strength is the most important characteristic of a roller chain, fatigue strength is equally important. The fatigue strength of a chain shows how durable it is. Fatigue strength indicates the load capacity of a roller chain over an extended period of time.

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