Quality Double Channels Automatic Window Patcher Machine 1080c

Description for the Equipment:
This window patching equipment is a specific gear made for carton box and colour box window lamination. It is the superior design of domestic window patching machine.The ideal humanized design principle helps make the machine very productive,higher-precision,substantial steadiness and effortless operation. The machine can be utilized to cardboard and corrugated board, and the paper stack is divided by a bottom paper feeding approach CZPT stopping the equipment. Soon after pushing the prescribed place, the versatile edition module of glue print, the slit of the stable and precise diaphragm and the cross knife are reduce to achieve the movie perform of the tissue box, gift box, toy box, milk box and other window film lamination.

Local Description:
one.The feeder is intermittent transportation company.
2.Undertake imported NITTA belt,and imported pneumatic parts.
3.Produce the paper with large speed,secure and dependable.
4.Our business has won the countrywide patent for this element
Press lay
one.Adopt imported RENOLD chain.
two.Supply the paper with again variety thrust lay.
three.Guarantee offering the least paper stably,the minimum paper’s duration is 100mm.
4.Our firm has received the nationwide patent for this element
Rotation telescopic rubber roller
one.One rubber roller cooperate with baffle to gluing,stay away from the squander of glue,lessen the volatilization of components
two.Rotation telescopic rubber roller is best humanized style,when the equipment stopped,the rubber roller can rotate driving by the motor.
3.Avoid the glue solidify on the experience of rubber roller when cleaning the rubber roller,this element can pullout entirely,minimize cleaning time.
four.Our company has gained the national patent for this component.
Gluing Element
1.Use automated gluing alternatively of hand movement,when the photoelectric sensor reacted the paper.
two.If there are papers pass,the equipment will use the air cylinder to control platform to uplift.If there are no papers pass,the system will decline to steer clear of the glue smear on the belt.
CZPT issue alarm
1.The two suction belts are vast ane thick,increase of service daily life.
two.With the system of modify the wind energy,it can change wind power in accordance to the sizas of papers,ensure no situation offset.
3.When foreign issue fell out contact the baffle plate,the primary motor end operating and alarm.
4.Our company has received the nationwide patent for this element.


Product#                                               1080A              1080C          1080G              1450A                 1080Z
Max paper dimensions(mm)                         1080×650       460×650       1080×1100       1450×1100         1080×650
Min paper dimensions (mm)                          100×100        100×100         100×100           100×100          100×100
Max movie dimension(mm)                              780×450        450×450         780×700           950×700          580×450
Min movie size(mm)                                 40×40            40×40             40×40              40×40               40×40
Fim thickness(mm)                             0.05-.25      .05-.25        .05-.25          0.05-.25        .05-.25
Max working velocity(s/h)                      10000            16000              16000              10000               7000
Corrugated thickness(mm)                    ≤4.0               ≤4.0                 ≤4.0                 ≤4.0                  ≤4.

Overall power(kw)                                      10                  10                    10                     10                     10
Total Dimensions(cm)               496x196x160   496x196x160  580x196x160 650x230x169 496x196x185
Complete excess weight(T)                                        3.0                  three.0                  3.0                   3.0                     3.


Quality Double Channels Automatic Window Patcher Machine 1080c