Tuhe 10t Mobile Container Yard Ramp Truck Loading Ramp

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Property RAMP

The mobile boarding bridge is an auxiliary products for loading and unloading cargo utilized in conjunction with forklift vehicles. The height of the vehicle can be adjusted according to the top of the carriaqe. Forklift vehicles can straight drive into the carriage through this products to carry out bulk loading and unloading of cargo. Only solitary person procedure is essential lo accomplish quick loading and unloading of cargo. It permits enterprises to decrease a big quantity of labor, enhance function efficiency, and get increased economic benefits.
The particular diamond-shaped grid plate is utilised on the table with dependable strenath.which con guarantee long-expression use CZPT deformation. Its diamond mesh framework entirely assures superb anti-skid performance and makes forklift truck have much better climbing and maneuverability. Even in wet and snowy weather conditions, normal use is quaranteed.The adjustable duration of the cable chain can very easily hook up the truck, so that the boarding bridqe and the truck are often intently connected.
The height adjustment of boarding bridge can be easily recognized CZPT exterior power provide by employing hand-operated hydraulic pump as energy.The brake pad can effectively avoid the boarding bridge from shifting during loading and unloading.



CZPT boarding bridge is a particular auxiliary tools to realize rapid loading and unloading of items. Its height adjustment perform permits a bridge to be erected between the truck and the warehouse platform Forklift vans and other handling autos can right travel into the truck to carry oul bulk loading and unloading of merchandise, which can be reached by one procedure.Total hydraulic drive, easy procedure and dependable procedure.The lip plate and the system are related by a whole long axis, which has substantial toughness and great reliability.CZPTed monolithic modular hydraulic slation has excellent sealing performance and extended provider daily life.The style of substantial-strenglh U-shaped beam can guarantee its high load and prolonged-time period procedure CZPT distortionThe anti-skid pattern metal plale is utilized to make the system have very good anti-skid performanceProtect the foot skirt on the two sides to avoid the toes from accidental injuries.

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Garden RAMP
YDCQ-6 six 11100x2000x1100mm 160x80x4 100x50x3 40x60x3 3 600-nine Ф80xФ50 11000×18000
YDCQ-eight 8 11100x2000x1100mm 160x80x4 100x50x4 40x60x3 3 600-9 Ф80xФ50 11000×18000
YDCQ-ten ten 11100x2000x1100mm 160x80x5 120x60x4 40x60x3 4 600-9 Ф80xФ50 11000×18000
YDCQ-12 twelve 11400x2200x1101mm 200x100x5 120x60x5 40x60x3 five seven-hundred-9 Ф80xФ50 11000×18000
YDCQ-15 fifteen 11400x2400x1102mm 250x100x6 160x80x5 40x60x3 6 700-nine Ф80xФ50 11000×18000
Model LOAD(T) System Dimensions Perform GRADE  Vacation Electricity PIT Measurement
Upper Reduce L W H
DCQ6-.55 6 2000X2000mm 400mm 300mm 250mm .75kw 2080mm 2040mm 600mm
DCQ6-.7 6 2500X2000mm 400mm 400mm 300mm .75kw 2580mm 2040mm 600mm
DCQ8-.fifty five 8 2000X2000mm 400mm 300mm 250mm .75kw 2080mm 2040mm 600mm
DCQ8-.7 eight 2500X2000mm 400mm 400mm 300mm .75kw 2580mm 2040mm 600mm
DCQ10-.fifty five 10 2000X2000mm 400mm 300mm 250mm .75kw 2080mm 2040mm 600mm
DCQ10-.7 10 2500X2000mm 400mm 400mm 300mm .75kw 2580mm 2040mm 600mm

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HangCZPT Tuhe is a domestic professional company of hydraulic lifting platforms, located in the “Hometown of China’s Lifting Platform Manufacturing—Xihu (West Lake) Dis.”. We have a robust technological staff, has produced a selection of hydraulic lifting platform merchandise, has created a quantity of complex enhancements, has a greater benefit in intelligence and reliability, and has utilized for a number of specialized patents, getting to be a climbing star in the business. We independently designed and produced scissor lift collection, aluminum alloy raise series, rail-variety lifting system, cylinder carry sequence and boarding bridges. Products are broadly used in building internet sites, factories, warehouses, stations, accommodations, airports, docks, gasoline stations, stadiums, overhead pipelines and other large-altitude products installation, servicing, cleansing and other scenarios, and also utilised in lifting gear servicing, subject power products routine maintenance, and many others.


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Tuhe 10t Mobile Container Yard Ramp Truck Loading Ramp